There are wordpress plugins that can automatically send your posts to twitter, but what if you don’t use wordpress, or you can’t install plugins, such as with all blogs here at Twitterfeed on the other hand doesn’t stop there, and it’s easy to use with no extra load to your server.

Twitterfeed can send your posts to twitter, or, which in turn supports “over 30 social networks”, so if you need to send your blog updates to your favorite microblogging service, plus your facebook/myspace etc. accounts this is the best tool to do so. All you need is an openid, your blog’s feed url and you’re set.


Of course there are some limitations:

Both RSS and Atom feeds are supported. Posts need to contain publish dates in order for our server to know what’s new. Feeds requiring authentication will fail.

So what do you think, have you tried this yet?